This Hilarious Sex Position Coloring Book Is The Perfect Mix Of Relaxing And Boobs

Having ways to cope with stress nowadays is becoming increasingly necessary. With the whole this may be the beginning of WWIII nuke talks, NASA and the EPA being defunded, well things are just chaotic.


So it’s at times like these that it is of major importance to keep our wits about us and not freak out. STOP FREAKING OUT. Some of us smoke weed, some of us drink alcohol, point is we all have our ways of dealing through stress.


The latest trend to come out of these therapies are adult coloring books. They soothe out ADHD and sort of put you in this place of tranquility. There’s all sorts of themes from Drake, to cuss words, and even a Bernie Sanders one. But one that just came out is getting more and more popular because, well, it’s about sex.